Your complete and maintenance-free Webshop, which grows with your turnover - Lokaler Florist

Your complete and maintenance-free Webshop, which grows with your turnover

Simplicity wins

As a local hero, you can now prepare for a bright future in an instant. The Local Florist webshop makes it easy. For you and your customers. The webshop and our service are free. You only pay a small amount per bouquet sold.

  • Free webshop
  • Always up to date
  • Excellent support

For specialty stores only

Local florist works only with the local professional, that is, the real craft specialists. The quality in store is reflected on the web, this way you will never miss an order!

Keep your own identity

Everyone in your shop can see your passion, creativity and uniqueness. You can now view the same look online as well. Customize the layout, products and promotions yourself.

Power of the collective

Online success is about convenience and discoverability. Together with all affiliated florists, we ensure optimal visibility. A concept locally, strong online together.

Simply send flowers from a local florist

Many local florists have created a page on Lokaler Florist so that you can order a beautiful bouquet online too. It works almost the same as it does in the store. Home delivery in just 3 steps!

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Order your unique bouquet online.


The specialists at your florist will get to work with your wishes.


Delivery or collection in the shop, your florist will take care of it personally.


Always available

Now that you can also be reached online, you will never miss an order again. Customers can order a bouquet from you 24/7 and will be automatically informed of the status. The orders are clearly arranged and can be processed very easily if the time suits you.

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Everything under control

Places, promotions, opening hours, delivery times, delivery area, delivery costs, confirmation emails. You can set everything up easily, so keep your freedom!

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Together we are strong

Setting up your webshop is very easy. If you don't get any further, we'll be happy to help you along the way. Local Florist offers personalized support for each florist.

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Boss in own shop

Lokaler Florist only supports you where you deem it necessary. We make an inventory of the customer's wishes through an online sales conversation. You then decide for yourself which products you work with and how they come into their own. This way you will not be hindered in your creativity and you will retain your freedom.

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Pay per order

We invest in your success. With the webshop you will not miss an order and you will increase your margin. You only pay 1 euro per order and the payment provider's fixed transaction costs, nothing else!
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All beginnings are easy

We set up the web shop for you with all the information we have. After that, you can easily customize the webshop. Do you need help? Our team of experts will be happy to help you.

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Florists' experiences

A concept locally, strong online together

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you also host my website?
  • Of course! We can host your URL (web domain) and link it to the domain within Lokaler Florist. You also have the option of building your own web pages within Lokaler Florist, such as a Homepage, a page about Hochzeitsfloristik, about Trauerfloristik, about Eventfloristik, etc.

  • I am tied to a subscription?
  • Our cooperation is based on consent to the user agreement. The "contract" that we enter into with it can be canceled monthly. There are no fixed costs associated with the use of Lokaler Florist, only variable costs: Transaction costs for payment processing + 1.00 € administration costs.

  • Can I quit anytime?
  • You can stop your participation at any time. The agreement can be canceled monthly, so you are free and flexible.

  • What can I do, when I want to change more?
  • Do you have any questions or do you need support? We take work off your hands and try to help you in personal contact with the use of Lokaler Florist, so that you have time to get used to it and to become familiar with the functionality.

  • How quick can you raise your prices?
  • Lokaler Florist aims to offer florists cost-effective online support. Lokaler Florist can still be used free of charge. If we increase our prices or set up our pricing model differently, we will inform you about this well in advance.

  • Do you offer marketing support?
  • Lokaler Florist offers a diversity of Marketing materials, so you can point out your customers and potential customers to your store and the (online) ways that they can take to buy from you. Think of (window) stickers, recruitment cards, counter standard, not at home cards, etc.

  • Can you help us with photography?
  • We use a number of standard stock photo series. It is of course better to present your store online as personally as possible. If you don't have any nice photos yourself, let a local photographer take care of a shoot, with which you can present yourself and your store even better. Local support locally! More information about the (personalized) layout of your webshop, you can find your own login environment or contact our support.

  • Is Local Florist a reseller?
  • Lokaler Florist facilitates your webshop. We offer you your own shop, which you can (almost) completely personalize, whereby we, as a platform of local florists, are strong together. Every order via your shop (within your delivery area) is delivered directly to you. We also facilitate your customer that their orders outside your delivery area automatically find their way to the nearest florist. Thus the power of "local" wins!

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Support newsletters for florists

Every two weeks we send a support newsletter to all affiliated florists. In this we describe the new developments, products that we have added, tips about furnishing, suggestions for social media posts and other developments around the platform. Curious? Check out what those newsletters look like here.

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