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We are convinced of the concept of the local florist; He is locally strong, professional, delivers unique creations, fresh goods, responds to your wishes and delivers personally. Lokalerflorist.de reinforces that concept online!

Order directly from the local florist

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Support local entrepreneurship

Environmentally friendly

Direct local = win-win

Ordering directly from the florist is a win-win situation: the florist does not pay any commission, so there is more left over and you get more for your money. The local shops are the basis of the local economy, they are professionals with a strong local brand. The local professional, especially the one who can deliver a suitable and unique product locally. Something really special, something to enjoy and brighten up your home or the recipient's mood!

Kyria 4 Floristen B.V.

We are an online platform for florists and offer every florist his own webshop. Our roots lie in the heart of the flower trade. Our initiator, the Dutch flower wholesaler Heyl that delivers since 1973 a complet assortment to the German florist, founded us because we wanted to offer florists independent digital support. Because of our roots we have a good feeling for all developments in the field of flowers and innovation.

We think it is important that the florist is creatively independent and can do business both online and offline. Lokaler Florist as a platform and network offers the florists the possibility of nationwide coverage. Where there are no affiliated florists yet, we look for florists and bring them into contact with our network. We believe that offline and online complement each other very well and that every company can control most of its revenue. We also know that not every florist is digitally strong, which is why we have developed various products and services for florists.

Melanie Greschner - Support

"Local florists are artists! They know how to create something unique for every occasion. That deserves online attention!
_ Melanie Greschner - Support

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